I am going to let you in on a little secret.

Your weight has nothing to do with how healthy you are.

When you step on the scale it merely illustrates what your body weighs, that is it. The numbers on the dial have no connection to your mental state of mind or your physical capabilities. It does not address your heart, lungs or how well your digestive system is working. You can weigh 100 pounds and not be able to climb a flight of stairs. It is possible to weigh 250 pounds or more and run a 5K and beyond.

In order to be truly healthy you have to take all aspects of health into consideration.

Below are 4 Steps to being healthy.

1st, Stop weighing yourself.

The scale lies and plays with your emotions. Weigh yourself at night vs the morning and you will have a different number. Increase your activity level for a week, get on the scale and be angry or upset that you weigh the same or even more. The scale can crush your focus on living a healthy life so retrain yourself to stop weighing yourself.

2nd, Move daily.

Have fun with it. You can go to the gym if you would like but you can also take a walk at the park, go for a swim, ride your bike. There are so many ways to play that will get your heart rate pumping. Here is an is an idea, go to the mall. Do not buy anything. Walk from one end of the mall to the other. Go to Fashion Show Mall. I believe that is the largest mall in town. Walk each floor all the way around. Again, you’re not there to shop. Go to the batting cages and hit some balls.

Bowling anyone? Roller or Ice Skating. Come on! Be creative. Meet up with a friend and go out to Lake Las Vegas to paddle board. You will have a blast. DO you like to shake your booty, take a free dance lesson or maybe delve into martial arts. The world is your oyster, make it shine.

3rd, Get your mind right.

To begin, do not even think about how to eat or move. Focus on the value of yourself. Believe in who you are and boost your level of confidence. Recognize all of your skills and attributes, write them down as a reminder and then be thankful for all of them. Meditate. Go to the spa and get a massage. You must have balance to be healthy so breathe, pamper yourself. Allow yourself the freedom to enjoy who you are and where you are going. Once you have your confidence at a higher level it will be easier to work on your nutrition and daily movement.

4th, Food! Yay! For Food!

This is going to be strange for you to hear, but do not focus as much on what you are eating, but more on how much of it that you are ingesting. For example, eat the pizza. Enjoy the desserts. Get the french fries, but only have 2 slices of pizza, a sliver of your favorite cake, half the order of french fries that you would normally eat.

Being healthy does not have to suck. That is the point of our program.

We want you to see the world a little differently so you can own having a healthy mind and body.