The truth about BMI (Body Mass Index):

What the health industry does not want you to know.

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So many people base their body’s heath from the reading of their BMI results.

The problem is it’s just not a complete or accurate assessment.


Because it is based on your height, age and activity level only.

If you are 30 pounds over weight you are considered to be obese, but what if you weigh more due to muscle development? A misconception is that because you weigh more than the norm or science says, you are out of shape, but that is simply not true.

Is a body builder obese? How about a Linebacker? Not only does this test not take into consideration muscles mass, it skips out on bone density and other areas of the body as well.

It is virtually impossible for the BMI assessment to give you a proper reading on your overall health and condition level.

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The Big Picture:

These details are used to encourage you to buy products and services that you may not need. This is how the health industry markets and makes its money.

Lets bottom-line this:

The health industry lies to you, look at the Shake Weight as an example. They want you to think that there’s something wrong with you so you will buy supplements, weight loss programs, equipment, get surgery and more. If your perception of yourself was healthy, you would not purchase these types of products or services so they manipulate you to think you need help. You will also notice that their remedies are temporary. Why? This is called residual income. You keep buying to renew your supply so you will buy more and more.

Please check out the Men’s Health link to understand the truth behind BMI and Women’s Marketing to support just how much money the health industry is making.

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