The Truth About Carbs:

Carbs are not your enemy.

New Food Pyramid

Not only do they help with your energy, look what says that they can do for you.

  1. Boost your mood.
  2. Can actually help prevent weight gain and even promote weight loss.
  3. Are good for your heart.
  4. Help trim your waist line.
  5. Help keep your memory sharp.
  6. Help you to burn more fat.

High Carbohydrate FoodsFor details about the above 6, please click on the link here. Time and time again you hear about people depriving themselves of carbs, but if you use them for what they were designed for you would look good, feel great and be happier.

Obviously, the key here is modification and timing, but definitely not eliminating. supports the claims that eating carbs help with energy and controlling your weight and add that they help prevent against disease.

See this article about the Benefits of Carbohydrates for more information.

Complex CarbohydratesSo what would you rather do? Lose 10 pounds, temporarily just to gain it back when you go off the fad diet or learn how to eat carbs the most effective way possible to live health, maintain a good weight and enjoy life?

I think the choice is pretty easy.

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