Healthy Living Isn't What You Think

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Balance is Key

A life of wellness does not mean that you have to stick to a rigid diet, never eat another cookie or that you have to hit the gym everyday. The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz said it best, “Do the best you can everyday knowing that the best you can is different everyday.” Sometimes you will wake up and run 3 miles. Others, the only thing running is your mind. When you understand how to apply the balance of healthy living into your life, you will be able to breathe more easily, your stress level will drop, your anxiety will diminish and you will feel good. Yes, you can eat pizza.  Yes, you can sleep in.  Yes, you can go to the spa for a “Me” day. If you do not understand what long term wellness means, how can you ever achieve it?  No worries. KH&F is here and will guide you with tools for lifelong success.

Staying Motivated

We're Stronger Together

We all start out pumped when we start a new program, but over time we burn out and lose focus. KH&F had to come up with a way to solve this issue. By designing our service in a club format, fellow members will inspire and encourage you to keep moving forward as you do the same for them. A deeper connection will form as Members look for you at events, remind you of activities coming up and share thoughts and feelings about healthy living. The support and encouragement that you will receive will be your inspiration to stay motivated now and into the future. In our research, we have learned that a being part of a group increases the desire to stay committed and dedicated.  You no longer have to go it alone. We will get there together.


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Here’s a little secret.  Your weight has nothing to do with how healthy you are. Repeat: Your weight has nothing to do with how healthy you are. The numbers on the dial are not connected to your mental state of mind or your physical abilities. It does not address your heart, lungs or how well your digestive system works. You can weigh 100 lb and not be able to climb a flight of stairs or weigh 250 lb and run a marathon. Weighing yourself creates grief, depression, anxiety and frustration powerful enough to derail your healthy living dream. Instead, use a measuring tape to see the changes you desire in your body.  Notice how your clothes feel when you put them on. Whatever you do, stop weighing yourself. It is a hard habit to break, but we promise, you will be substantially happier with your progress if you resist that scale.

You See The Value. Start Now.