Naria Le Mire - Registered Dietitian

Naria Le Mire is a bilingual registered dietitian (RD) from San Diego, CA. She began her educational endeavors by attending San Diego State University (SDSU) in California. Here she obtained her Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Foods and Nutrition in addition to a minor in Business Management. After becoming a registered dietitian (RD), Naria decided to further her education and return to (SDSU). She pursued a master’s degree in public health (M.P.H.) with a focus health promotion and behavioral science to better support her clients to achieve their health-related goals using sustainable lifestyle modifications and overcoming barriers. 

Naria has vast experience serving culturally diverse populations from volunteer and work experiences. Naria has serviced clients with various health conditions including overweight and obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases including hypertension, and gastrointestinal disorders using evidence-based practices.

Naria’s passion resides in educating her clients about gentle nutrition practices that includes all foods. Naria enjoys teaching about the benefits of avoiding diet trends and labeling food as “good” or “bad” and simply improving the knowledge about how food can nourish our body and souls. As a dietitian, Naria coaches about flexible nutrition to help remove past barriers which may have resulted in unhealthy dietary habits including emotional eating. Further, Naria’s passion for gastrointestinal health led her to further advance her practice and help clients improve their gut health using mindful and dietary practices. Naria’s goal is to create solutions for her client’s nutrition related dilemmas and help them practice sustainable changes. If you are looking to improve your relationship with food, your gut health or have weight management goals, Naria can help create a roadmap to achieve them!  

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