Let’s Clarify What Healthy Living Means

I would like you to think of a pie.

Most people think living a healthy lifestyle is solely based on working out and eating right. Yes, these are important ingredients to your yummy goodness, but they only offer 2 aspects to the big picture, not the complete platter of living well.

Lets add the mind into our delicious treat. Your thought process, how you feel about food and movement, not to mention habits, emotional triggers, influences from outside sources (peers, social events, dating and eating out) are such major pieces of your overall wellness that it must be included in your round, fruity, flakey delight.

How about the people you surround yourself with, the job you have, the car you drive, the house you live in, they way you live your life?  Are you happy, motivated, inspired and built up? This identifies with the granule sugar added on top. Although, it’s not actually part of the tasty goodness itself, it can add to or destroy the overall flavor.

The crust; personally my favorite part, equates to your self-worth. The value at which you hold yourself. Do you think you are worthy of having all that you seek? Can you live healthy and enjoy everything that life has to offer?  What are your inner thoughts?  How do you talk to yourself? Do you believe in who you are and what you are capable of?  Without the crust there can be no pie.

Just for extra flavor, lets make your pie ala mode. The ice crème would be representative of things that make your existence that much sweeter. Once you have embraced and own your healthy way, you will gain freedom, joy, balance, happiness, healthy relationships, confidence, independence, all while opening yourself up to more opportunities and maintain your level of living well.

So you see, a balanced life of health is so much more than just eating smart and moving daily. It’s a process, an awareness, a transition that takes place. Kessler’s Healthy Way will walk with you hand in hand, to guide and inspire your success in all areas of healthy living.

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