Healthy Living

Once you have the skills necessary to live well, everything else falls into place:
Healthy living is not counting calories, working out and eating right alone.

To live a healthy lifestyle is just that, a style, a way of life.

Yes, your nutrition and daily movement are pieces of the building blocks, but is far from complete with just these 2 aspects of wellness. There needs to be a balance between your mind, body and food intake if you truly wish to feel great, have the energy you would like, enjoy how you look and be happy with yourself. Just because you are fit does not mean that you are living a healthy lifestyle. Trust me, there are plenty of elite athletes who look great physically, but without their mind equally being in shape resort to drugs, criminal activities and even suicide. It all starts with a strong foundation which comes from your mind. I do not mean changing habits, visualizing, etc. that comes later; go deeper than that. I am referring to your self-worth. How do you see yourself.  Do you like who you are and the life that you are living? Everything that you do, want and seek is determined by how you value yourself. This is skill #1 to apply when striving for healthy living.  From there you will make healthier choices and not just with food, but with the people you chose to hang out with, the job you do, the car you drive, etc.. When you raise the bar of your self-worth, you will begin owning the skills necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Modifying your eating habits and the type of moving that you incorporate into your daily routine will stem from there.

So start with your thoughts. Do mantra’s, meditate, watch motivational videos, hang out with supportive people, read inspiring books anything you can think of to raise the level of your self-esteem so you can achieve your lifestyle goal of living well.

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