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What is Fun Physical Fitness?

Movement that brings you joy.  Do you like to dance, go to the gym, take part in martial arts, play sports, do yoga, hike, swim, bike, walk, train at home or a combination of these ideas?  Great! Then, that is how we will train.  If you’re not sure, that is OK.  That just means we get to explore until we find activities that you like.  

Understanding Fun Physical Fitness:

Most think you need to push hard and be sore to achieve success.  I believe in three aspects when it comes to working out:

  1. Less is More.  I can break your body down, make it so you cannot move for a week, but why? We are trying to develop a lifestyle.  How do we do that?  We recognize that healthy living is a process.  We start out slowly.  Yes, you will have soreness, but you will still be able to be function.  You will still want to continue training. Your physical fitness will be sustainable, and you will not hate what you are doing.   Makes sense, right?
  2.  Balance.  There are days to push hard, but there are also days to take a breath, go to the spa, meditate, relax in a bath, stretch, etc.  We will enjoy both the yin and yang of being fit.  Even more tempting, correct?
  3. Fitness Based Results:  Stop weighing yourself, you scale lies.  Stop depriving yourself, this will end cravings. Start noticing how you feel.  Start paying attention to how your clothes fit.  Recognize how much more energy you have when grocery shopping. These are “Fitness Based Results”.


Fitness Sessions:  Generally, our sessions will run 60 minutes. This will give us time to catch up, outline the training and get started.  Once you chose your plan, we will coordinate our schedules and together we will devise a plan of regularity and start times.    From there we will either meet online via ZOOM or on location.  Now, we’re cooking with gas!

What are your goals? We will reach them together.

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Jeff Kessler

Originally from Southern California, Jeff’s interest in health and fitness started early. Working as a Day Camp Counselor, Camp Director, and Camp Athletic Director, playing sports, training in the martial arts Aikido and Krav Maga, and leading the marching band as Drum Major is where his passion for living well began.

Jeff graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a bachelor’s degree, and shortly after, moved to Las Vegas where he launched The Adventurers, Las Vegas Chapter.  The “GO-TO” outdoor recreational club in Las Vegas. After organizing and leading physical adventures for 13 years, Jeff wanted to grow his knowledge of healthy living. Below are his certifications and certificates that he acquired on his journey:

  • Certified Personal Trainer – NASM 
  • Mental Toughness Certificate – NASM
  • Senior Fitness Specialist – NASM
  • Group Fitness Instructor – ACE
  • Behavior Change Specialist – ACE
  • Express Online Fitness Coach – Online Fitness Federation
  • Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Training for Fitness Professionals – American Parkinson’s Disease Association
  • CPR and AED certified

Now, with a powerful education and many years of hands-on experience, Jeff comes to you with a fun, new way to train and achieve your goals.

Ready? Let’s begin!

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