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We believe that to live a healthy lifestyle you need tools to help you eat right, put healthy mental habits in place, have an incredible support system, grow your knowledge by qualified fitness professionals and do workouts that are more like playing than working out! We want to be your guide on a journey to lifelong well-being! We are a team of experts comprised of a Registered Dietitian, a Chef, A Behavioral Therapist, A Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Outdoor Recreation Expert and Meditation Explorer.  Together we create an all-inclusive, mind, body and nutrition program wrapped in a supportive, like-minded community. You’ll have the knowledge and support to reach all your health goal.  Will you accept our proposal?

The KH&F Tools for Well Rounded Fitness

Kessler’s Health & Fitness is not a quick-fix system. You will not lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Living a healthy lifestyle is a process. Our focus is to help you be fit and healthy for the rest of your life.
We do not believe in:
• Weigh-ins
• Cheat days
• Supplements
• Precooked meals
• Deprivation of any kind
Once you have the knowledge of living well, these misleading tools will no longer be necessary.  How do we measure your success? By how you feel?  How do your clothes fit?  Do you have more energy? When your thoughts are congruent with your body and your food intake supports your anatomy, you will have balance, feel strong, happy and know that you have attained your weight loss goals.

The Break Down

Mental Toughness/Behavior Modification

Possibly the most important and yet most overlooked element of a healthy lifestyle is having a fit brain. If your mind isn’t right, it doesn’t matter what your objective is, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.  Using Behavior Modification techniques, you’ll visit with our Mind Fitness Specialist, who will help you recognize any habits that are getting in your way of success.  Together, we will put a plan of action into place to help you achieve the positive, long-term results you’re looking for.

Each group training will be held via Zoom and run approximately 30 to 60 minutes. HIPPA regulations will be followed to protect club members privacy.

Registered Dietitian

Some hard questions:

How can you eat with the intention of getting lean if you do not know the nutritional value of food?

Do you understand how to read the labels on the back of food items?
Are the trends and fads confusing, are they effective?
What are facts and fiction behind dietetics?
Do you know how to make a food log or a meal plan?
These, and many more, questions will be answered by our Registered Dietitian, Diabetes Education Specialist, and Health Education Specialist. You will learn a lot and be able to ask any questions you have in our Zoom sessions with our Registered Dietitian. Your mind will be blown as you begin to understand how your body scientifically reacts to food. For big gains on your energy, appearance, and how you feel, this is where it all begins.

Cooking Classes

Knowing what to eat is the first step  knowing how to cook those foods and make them delicious, is the next step. Our chef will draw from his personal menu to address meals, snacks, drinks, desserts, food before bed and ideas of what to eat to help you wake up in the morning. From the basics of how to chop an onion to preparing full meals, you will be introduced to it all. You will learn the principles of “eating with purpose”. Cooking via our scheduled, online meetings is also fun, inspiring, and a great way to connect with fellow members of KH&F. Get your tastebuds ready — you are in store for a tasty treat!

Physical Fitness 

When you rode your bike as a child, went swimming or danced with friends, did you think of burning calories or getting in a good cardio? KH&F brings back the delight of playing and moving to get fit and strongly-aligned with the soothing aspects of stillness via meditation and stretching. Yes, you can get ripped and build stamina through walking and weightlifting, but vitality boosting can also be achieved through a spa treatment, deep breathing exercises or even a rest day. Our focus is to expose how important balance is to fitness  to supply diverse activities that get results (and are fun). When joy is added to any action, it is easier to maintain, and it doesn’t feel like working out. The activities offered will be posted on our calendar, in the private Member’s Section of this site, and shared on our Private Facebook page. Due to weather conditions and club interests, the types of our physical outings will vary weekly, but you can expect hiking, walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, playing sports, rock climbing, trampoline jumping, paddle-boarding, spa days, and more. No excuses. It is time to play!

Improved Sleep Habits

Eating well — yes, even before bed — daily movement, proper positioning, and understanding the sleep cycle can greatly improve your overall health, mental state, and ability to improve your physique. Our RD, Physical Fitness, and Mind Fitness Experts have knowledge in ways to improve your, “lights out” practices. We will share tools with you to get your pillow time on track. KH&F can help you get your R.E.M. on.

KH&F Club Member Support

Having like-minded people in your corner rooting you on, offering encouragement, inspiring and motivating can make all the difference in you successfully meeting your goals. It’s true, COVID has impacted our in-person socializing, but thanks to our private Facebook page, live webinars, and optional outdoor outings KH&F’s Team of professionals along with fellow club members who understand your pain, will build you up, form bonds and friendships that can weather any storm beating even the hardest of challenges.

Join us on our journey of lifelong wellness. Unite with a community of like-minded people. Be part of a program that puts your fitness, mind, nutrition, and health at the top of their priority list. Now is the time! Sign up to achieve your weight-loss goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.