Cooking Lessons


Let’s be honest, you always have options:

  1. You can eat frozen meals.
  2. You can order prepared food via the mail.
  3. You can go out to eat.
  4. You can learn to cook thanks to YouTube.

But wouldn’t it make the most sense to learn how to make your own delicious meals?  In this way you can eat the food you like, know exactly what you are putting in your mouth, and make sure your food intake targets your health and fitness goals.

Hate Cooking?

What if I told you, it would be painless, easy, and something you would like to eat?  When you learn how to cook, it sets you free from the shackles of having to eat stagnate, tasteless food. 

What?  You do not have the time?  What if you could make most of these meals within 15 minutes?

When you learn to cook, not only do you learn how to prepare your meals, but you gain the understanding of how food blends together to make them more satifying so when you do go out to eat, or go to a party. you will be able to eat in a way that supports your nutritional goals.  There are two unspoken benefits about creating your own dishes: 1.  the food just tastes better.  When you make it yourself and sit down to eat, you put your heart and mind into it and is a muchtastier dish.   2.  If you ar fortunate enough to share a home cooked meal with someone else, it can become a moment in time to remember versus just another time of the day to eat.

So, how does our cooking class work?

You will have two options to learn:

  1.  Participate via ZOOM.  The Chef and I will will develop a meal. I will e-mail you the ingredients and you can cook with us through live stream.
  2. Attend live at the kitchen.  This will give you the opportunity to learn, hands-on how to chop, dice, season, etc. with the Chef.

These meals will be focused on taste, simplicity, and support your fitness goals.

I will notify you of the date, time, and menu via e-mail prior to the actual date of the lesson.  During your FREE consultation, I will learn what foods you like, if you have restrictions or allergies and make sure to stay within the guidelines of our conversation.

No more excuses.

Let’s Do This!