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What to expect

During your FREE consultation, one of the things that we will discuss are the ways that you like to move.  Let’s say that you like to dance, swim, go to the gym, hike, and/or rock climb.  Then, we will meet at a studio, pool, gym, and/or outdoors to train.  Depending on what you choose, there will be times where I lead the training and times where I join you and support you in the movement as we are instructed by a professional in that field of fitness.  If you prefer to workout at home, you will have two options, remotely or I will come to you and train you at your house.  Each session will run 60-minutes.  Once a month, we will coordinate with the Registered Dietitian or Chef to offer FREE group instruction on the best food to eat and cook to help you achieve your healthy living goals more quickly.  Ready?  Let’s do this!

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