Jeff Kessler - Behavior Modification Specialist




You’ve Got This!

When it comes to anything in life, if you don’t have your mind right and believe in yourself, how can you achieve any goal?  During your fitness training I will guide you with positive support and encourage you in a way that not only will you feel physically healthier, but you will also be more mentally powerful as well.  By raising the value of yourself to higher levels, you will see a clearer picture and truly own your health and fitness lifestyle.

My approach to behavior modification, regardless of starting a new habit, building your confidence, making daily movement part of your life, or anything else, is the “Less is More” process.  We start slowly and build to develop proper form and technique to achieve success for the long-term. 

I know you’re ready to get started so click the link and let’s begin.

  • Mental Toughness Certificate – NASM
  •  Behavior Change Specialist – ACE