3 Simple Steps to Waking Up Every Morning With Energy

Here are three steps you can take each morning to start the day with positive energy.

1) While laying in bed, roll to your back and take in 3 deep breaths.

It does not matter if you breath through your nose, mouth or any variation there of, but take them in deep and exhale slowly 3 times. If you felt adventurous and no one was around, you can even hum as you release your air. Why? It helps to stimulate your internal organs.

Softly or loud, it makes no difference and actually can be fun.

2) 10 Minute Meditation/Affirmation.

There are many ways to self meditate, but I am a big believer in affirmations and positive self talk so that is where our focus will be.

I don’t care of you sit, stand or lay down as long as you are comfortable and in a place where you can feel at ease. With eyes open or closed say to yourself or out loud 4 thoughts. You can use what I say here, 4 of your own or mix mine up with yours it really does not matter:

  • I am happy.
  • I am healthy.
  • I am alive.
  • I am thankful for who I am and all that I have.

You do not have repeat them the entire time, but look at the clock, calculate 10 minutes from the start time and make sure to minimally, start and end with the affirmations. If your mind drifts off, and it will, no worries. Do not get mad or frustrated.

Just say it’s ok. It is normal. Take a deep breath and start again.

What feels like a second will be 10 minutes or more. Trust me, you will be shocked with how fast time flies by. If you fall a sleep, so what,your body needed it. Just when you wake up say your 4 affirmations again for the remaining time and if you wake up hours later, lock in the 10-minutes and start over.

3) Still from your bed… stretch.

It doesn’t have to be a crazy, 30-minute stretching thing. To start out just do about 4  different stretches that include your entire body in some way. Why? This helps to wake your muscles, get your blood pumping and prepares your body for the day. More and more studies are coming out about how important it is to stretch. It also offers psychological benefits for stress relief and anxiety.

Examples of stretching you can do while in bed, but feel free to do others, are:

  • While lying on your back bring your knees to your chest, wrap both arms around your legs and hug for the count of 30. You do not have to pull your legs in. Just relax, breathe and make sure that you feel the stretch to your lower back and booty.
  • Open your hips by putting the flat part of your feet together,spreading your knees down as far as they can go. You can do this from a sitting position or a lying down position. If you would like you can push down on your knees for an extra bit of stretching but it is not necessary. Again, just breathe, relax and feel the stretch. Count to30 and release. As time goes on if you have the desire, you can increase your time by releasing the stretch for about 10 to 20 seconds and then opening up again for a 2nd 30 and so on. When you do this, you will be amazed with how much further you can stretch each time. You can apply the extra time to all of the stretches. The biggest tip is to remember to breathe.
  • Ankle Circles. Just that. Rotate your feet inwards 10 to 15  times and then outwards 10 to 15 times. You will be surprised how good this feels and how thankful your calves will be to you. As a bonus, extend your toes… man it feels good. Never did you know how much tension you held in your feet until you applied this stretch into your life.
  • I love this stretch. Keep 1 leg straight, bend the other leg until your foot reaches your knee. Take the bent knee and drape it over your straight leg. Keep your arms out stretched comfortably, but as far as they can be. Turn your head the opposite direction than the bent leg and count to 30. Don’t forget to switch legs and breathe.
  • In Yoga they call this, “Happy Baby” pose. Just lay on your back,bring your knees up and grab your big toe with your elbows inside of your knees. From there rock gently side to side for 15 rocks each side.  So relaxing, so good for you back.
  • Remember all of this has been from your bed. Usually after a while you will start to get uncomfortable as the blood begins to move and you will want to get out of bed… isn’t that the point? But wait. Not yet. From a sitting position, legs comfortably in front of you. Take 1 armand bring it around and across your chest, pull gently and breathe for 30. Release gently and switch arms. All of these stretches are basic andones that you have un-doubtedly done in your history. Feel free to add, take away or modify these ideas in any way that you wish. Don’t forget, these are examples of stretches that you do. You do not have to do thismany or you can do more if you would like. It is just you and your bedwith no one else around so do what feels good to you.
  • Now take your arm, bring it up over your head with your hand reaching down the center of your back, elbow pointing straight up, reach down and pull gently with your other hand for 30. Switch arms.
  • Another yoga pose, “Cat Stretch” Get up on all 4’s, knees directly under hips and hands straight down below your shoulders. Now, exhale as you arch you back as far as you can, letting your head rest comfortably down as you tuck in your bottom then inhale to counter that movement lowering your stomach, raising your head and hips as far as you can.  Think of how a cat stretches and you will have this down easily. Do about 10 to 15with a 5 second hold in either position.
  • Feeling wild? Feeling adventurous. Finally, get out of bed and do those good old, yummy toe touches. WAIT! Don’t over do it. Just relax down, breathe and let gravity work for you. Hands on knees or hanging freely, it does not matter. You do not have to push. Count for 30.
  • Well, shoot. Now that you are standing, just work your neck a bit.  Look down. Look up (Be careful with your neck.) Look left then right. Try and look at the wall behind you to the right and then the left.

Holy crap! You are standing up, feeling good and ready to start your day.

Go get’em tiger!

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