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Four health professionals specializing in all areas of well-being: nutrition, behavior modification, cooking, motivation, and physical fitness work with you on ways to think, eat and move healthy for the rest of your life. 

When it comes to physical fitness we offer fun, creative, and effective training methods that you will like and want to do again and again such as hiking, dancing, martial arts, yoga, sports, trampoline jumping, and indoor rock climbing. 

The greatest secret to our success is the powerful support that you will receive from fellow members.  We are a team.  People just like you, working towards similar weight-management goals, understanding what you are going through, and overcoming obstacles together.

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Two days a week = Live Training.
One day a week = Group meetings
over Zoom for nutrition education,
behavior modification, cook classes,
and motivation.


Enjoy all benefits of bringing
mind, body, FUN, nutrition,
and community together in one
amazing social club.

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Physical Fitness


Chef Keith


Mind Fitness
Behavior Modification

What Our Clients Are Saying

Join us on the journey of lifelong wellness.  Unite with a community of like-minded people. Be part of a program that puts your fitness, mind, nutrition, and health at the top of their priority list.  Now, is the time.  Sign up to achieve your weight-loss goals and maintain a healthy living lifestyle.